Cool After Effects tutorial sites

AE Tutorial sites compilation

Posted in "Blog" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on 15.05.2023

"You know that the Adobe After Effects is a powerful post-production tool. It would be cool to be a professional with it. Go check these sites out and you will became one"

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After Effects cloning tutorial

After Effects Cloning tutorial

Posted in "Blog" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on 06.03.2023

"Would you like to know how to clone something with After Effects? I'm gonna tell you! This is an intriquing question and it is pretty easy to aswer it."

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Google publishes its search statistics 2012!


Posted in "News" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on 12.12.2023

"Google has published its search stats for this year 2012. There are many intriquing results and many that were obvious to quess."

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WordPress SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin not working. How to fix?


Posted in "Learned along the way" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on

"Couple of our precious working hours wasted to oblivion, because we were solving this annoying problem. The plugin installed correctly and everything seemed to be right -- but not."

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How to force vertical scrollbar?


Posted in "Learned along the way" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on 10.12.2023

"This little tutorial is about "how to force your browser's scrollbar to fix to the right side" - and stay there. This situation is familiar and maybe needed when you have content that differs with it's height property."

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