Cool After Effects tutorial sites

AE Tutorial sites compilation

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Cool Adobe After Effects tutorial sites

Hi there, there is a bunch of tutorial sites available. Maybe you already know some of these, but I´ll list my favourites down. You know that the Adobe After Effects is a powerful post-production tool. It would be cool to be a professional with it. Go check these sites out and you will became one!

1. My favourite one: Andrew´s Video Co-pilot!

“Video Copilot has been providing in-depth training and software solutions for artists working on Film & Television productions. Video is hosted by Andrew Kramer.”

Video Co-pilot

2. The VFX Bro tutorials

“VFX Bro offers many interesting After Effects tutorials. They also offers tutorials for programs Cinema 4D, Mocha Pro and Pixel Farm.”


3. The Film Riot´s Youtube channel

“Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you’ve never seen.

NEW EPISODES Every Monday & Thursday

“Film Riot is the best of the bunch. Serving as an on-demand film school, this series stands out as a prime example of under-the-radar geeks who carved out a DIY niche thats both useful and entertaining”. –”

Film Riot´s Youtube channel

4. Creative Cow

“Creative COW has grown to become the essential site to check for up-to-date information covering all phases of digital video. The COW’s leaders, representing a large cross-section of professionals, provide the digital film community its first real cyber-repository for information, answers, guidance and advice. It would be impossible to keep up with this rapidly evolving field without having Creative COW to turn to.”

The Creative Cow After Effects tutorials

5. AETuts

“Aetuts+ is a site made to house and showcase some of the best After Effects tutorials around. We publish tutorials that not only produce great effects, but explain them in a friendly, approachable manner. We also stock up links to tutorials, articles, presets and plugins from around the web to help you get the most out of After Effects.”

Visit the AETuts

6. Digital Tutors

“For over 12 years, we’ve been a dedicated team of artists, professionals, representatives and problem-solvers who are truly passionate about helping our members learn the skills they need to create stunning movies, games and digital art.”

Visit the Digital

And the list goes on…

If you know more good AE tutorial sites, please tell us and we will help people to get better. Thank you for reading.