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Facebook like box problem with IE

Make the facebook like box working with IE

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By: Blockcoder ( Admin ) / 18.09.2012
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Like box problem with IE

I added the facebook like box to one of my client’s sites and after a couple of hours they called me that it didn’t work with IE – (oh *hit) — why didn’t I saw that coming? How much pain can one browser cause? Okay, I made some effort to conquer this problem.

How to make the like box working?

You need iframe or XFBML to get the like box to appear on your site. IE just doesn’t want to cope with those — without a little magical html -attribute. In order to get everything working is to put the following line within your site’s html tags: “xmlns:fb=””“.

This should solve the problem:

<html xmlns:fb="" xmlns="" xml:lang="fi-fi" lang="fi-fi" dir="ltr" >

Thank you for reading!

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Blockcoder ( Admin )
What does it say? The warning message?
2013-02-22 07:19:58
ie haters
not working, bro.
2013-02-22 06:07:15