Facebook like box problem with IE

Make the facebook like box working with IE

Posted in "Learned along the way" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on 18.09.2022

"I added the facebook like box to one of my client's sites and after a couple of hours they called me that it didn't work with IE - (oh *hit) -- why didn't I saw that coming?"

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Creating basic php website template

No picture

Posted in "Blog" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on 12.09.2022

"Hi again! This tutorial is about creating a basic html and PHP website template. What you need here is (I …"

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Creating xml based Gadget for Windows 7


Posted in "Blog" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on 17.01.2022

"There isn't so much information about "how to make gadgets for Windows". Through mistakes I managed to create a windows 7 gadget. Now I'm writing about it!"

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How to customize foobar2000 with panels

Customize your own interface for foobar2000

Posted in "Blog" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on 08.12.2022

"As you all know: foobar2000 is a very unique and fantastic music player. It comes with couple of different user interfaces from witch you can choose freely what to use. They are good, but have you ever wondered how to customize foobar's interface by yourself? If you have, you have to read this article!"

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WordPress Internal Server Error 500

Fixing the Internal Server Error 500

Posted in "Learned along the way" by Blockcoder ( Admin ) on 14.11.2022

"No! I launched a new site and it's just blanking me white as navigating the site. This white page throws me an error something about Internal Server Error 500! Please help me! -- Calm down. Just read this post."

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