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    How to Show All errors in PHP?

    When something goes wrong while developing, your site just shows white page or just won't work. These are the times when you really don't know what's going wrong with your website. If you could see even the errors-reports, you might figure out what you are doing wrong.

    Creating basic php website template

    Hi again! This tutorial is about creating a basic html and PHP website template. What you need here is (I …

    How to re-direct with PHP

    Need to automatically refresh a page? Or need to redirect with php? I'll show you couple of examples about how to do it!

    E-mail validation with PHP

    Have you ever heard of PHP filters? Maybe not? Well, if you want really easy way to validate an e-mail address, you should take your time with the filters.

    Encrypting passwords with PHP

    If you store secure data into your database or anywhere else, for example passwords, you should always encrypt them so no one can read them even if they get access to the information. One way to encrypt the information you are storing is php function md5(). It calculates md5 hash for a string. And if you want be VERY secure with your data, you should also "salt" your information.

    How to solve special character like ö, ä when sending email with PHP

    Have you ever been having a problem with special characters like ä, ö, Ä, Ö when sending an email with PHP? They look like E4, E5 or E6 or other gibberish when you read the sent message. Well, I have had problems with them. And I found one way to prevent these kind of problems.

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent!

    Tired of getting this warning message: "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by...". It usually happens when you are sending headers between your html - php -html code. This can be solved, so you really don't need to worry anymore!

    Echo out the current date with PHP

    In this tiny codexample I will show you how to echo out the current date with PHP. I am using the "date" function in PHP.

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