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    WordPress SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin not working. How to fix?

    Couple of our precious working hours wasted to oblivion, because we were solving this annoying problem. The plugin installed correctly and everything seemed to be right -- but not.

    How to add WordPress breadcrumbs?

    Breadcrumbs; it is like a way to trail your website url or path where you are currently browsing. It usually looks like this: "Blockcoders » Tutorials » PHP & CSS » How to center with CSS?..". So, all it does or means that it shows you where you are so you won't get Lost.

    How to make different footers for your WordPress site?

    Now what? Well hear this, you can do different footers in Wordpress! Amazed? No? Me neither. It's super-easy. Let's make one.

    How to stop WordPress spam?

    This article is about about how to stop the Wordpress spam what is coming via plain text e-mail addresses and forms. Spam bots are always awake and they are continuously digging for weak spots of any website.

    WordPress Internal Server Error 500

    No! I launched a new site and it's just blanking me white as navigating the site. This white page throws me an error something about Internal Server Error 500! Please help me! -- Calm down. Just read this post.

    WP-Postviews plugin not working. How to fix it?

    As I developed this site, I wanted to see how many times my articles were been read. I decided to use wp-postviews plugin for that. But everything wasn't so easy.

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